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Power Station

Dec 27, 2021

It is humbling and exhilarating to talk to Torey Carter-Conneen, CEO of the American Society for Landscape Architects. An esteemed nonprofit executive and social justice advocate he now leads a professional association whose highly skilled members create purposeful places using art, science, engineering and design. ASLA was founded in 1899 by innovators Frederick Law Olmsted and Beatrix Ferrand whose designs connected the built and natural environments, creating places of beauty and function. Landscape architecture has evolved into a laboratory for solving the most pressing problems facing people and the planet. In fact, ASLA’s policy recommendations on the environment and climate change have been recognized by the Biden Administration and codified by Congress into the Infrastructure Bill. Landscape architecture connects the lines between design, environmental justice, climate change and racial equity. And these values are acted on internally as well. Torey is fixing inequities within the field, including for women of color who face barriers to licensure, which can end professional advancement. This is a conversation about the power of intentionality and values.