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Power Station

Jan 17, 2022

What will persuade Congress to pass urgently needed legislation to correct the impacts of climate change on our planet? As with all our nation’s greatest challenges, the nonprofit sector is driving this ambitious agenda. For decades, environmental nonprofits have documented how deregulation harms our air, wildlife and oceans. And the data is crystal clear: these harms are disproportionately borne by communities of color. But the sector is made less effective by its failure to elevate people of color within their organizational ranks. Diverse leaders are crucial to crafting and advocating for solutions to climate migration, persistent health problems and a loss of housing caused by environmental degradation. Green2.0 is strengthening the movement by pushing it to become more accountable. Executive director Andrés Jimenez explains that inequities within the sector are deep rooted and require a shift in culture. Green2.0 is tracking how nonprofits and foundations are diversifying their top ranks. And the eye opening results can be found in published report cards. Andrés is up for this challenge. He brings deep political savvy, patience and endless energy to this earth-changing enterprise.