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Power Station

Mar 13, 2023

Where are our nation’s most effective and committed changemakers? You may expect them to be representing us on Capitol Hill or launching start-ups in Silicon Valley but the real champions of opportunity and equity, from poverty alleviation, upending the racial wealth gap and creating a pathway to generational wealth are nonprofit leaders. On this episode of Power Station, two exceptional leaders, Mercedes Lemp of My Sister’s Place and Joseph Leitmann-Santa Cruz, of Capital Area Asset Builders tell us about their organizational partnership, envisioned by Mercedes, to lift domestic violence survivors out of poverty and into a life of possibility. It starts with a monthly cash transfer, guaranteed income that provides women with the means needed to leave their abuser and build a life for themselves and their children. To deepen the effect of this initiative Mercedes reached out to Joseph whose track record in making financial education and resources accessible through CAAB, including guidance on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, has proven to be life-changing for low-income families. Mercedes and Joseph have created a model that can and should take hold nationally. Hear them tell the story here.