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Power Station

Jul 25, 2022

The seeds of America’s subjugation of low income, indigenous, and people of color were planted at our founding. Ever since, public leaders have codified policies that strip these communities of wealth and power. It has taken social movements, including bold nonprofits, to demand equal rights and structural change. This divisive moment in history calls for collective action rooted in 21st century strategies. Media Justice, led by exceptional change maker Steven Renderos is laser focused on democratizing our media and technology sectors, largely unregulated industries with outsized influence on our culture and politics. News outlets and tech companies are willing purveyors of racist and misogynistic tropes that spill over into policy making. Media Justice believes there is a pathway to shaping the material conditions of people of color only when communities tell their own stories, with depth and nuance, and tech companies are held accountable for the disinformation they amplify. We have experienced, in the actions of January 6, the consequences of disinformation that cultivates violence and disrupts democracy. Media Justice and its network of grassroots organizations are telling authentic stories, and we all need to listen.