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Power Station

Nov 13, 2023

We are in a moment of conflicting expectations about the workplace. Blurred lines between work and personal time, toxic behaviors, including discrimination have long been pervasive in the workplace. The pandemic made working from home possible for a segment of the population and many are resisting a return to the physical workplace. The question of what makes a workplace desirable, however, goes far deeper than the work from home debate. In this episode of Power Station, Mo Edjlali shares his journey from tech entrepreneur to nonprofit leader with a mindfulness mission. Mo relates what happened when his company imploded, and he confronted his role in its ending. The hyper aggressive approach that he equated with success had in fact hurt others and fostered an unhealthy environment. He stumbled upon and then dove into the practice of meditation and learned, despite his skepticism, that focusing on his breath could change the way he perceived reality. He created Mindful Leader to enable people to foster mindfulness and compassion in the workplace. Listen and learn about the resources and community Mindful Leaders provides to reimagine our collective corporate, public sector and nonprofit cultures.