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Power Station

Dec 30, 2019

Join me for an entirely different kind of Power Station episode. This is a look back, with the very talented audio engineer and producer Rob Ford, at why I created Power Station, how personal experience shaped my vision for nonprofit advocacy, the under-reported role of nonprofits in crafting policy solutions to seemingly intractable societal problems and how our guests are thriving in unimaginably challenging times. We talk through the defining characteristics shared by Power Station guests, including their lived experience with the communities they serve and ability to pivot when political circumstances require it. And we credit their influence on democratic candidates whose policy positions on issues ranging from climate change to housing are based in research, data and analysis generated by local and national nonprofits. I express my gratitude to friends and colleagues, including Luis Granados and John Holdsclaw, who have been advisors and supporters since I first thought of creating Power Station as a platform for amplifying the voices of nonprofit change makers. There are many more stories to tell and Power Station intends to tell them. I am grateful to my guests for sharing their vision and to Podcast Village for making it possible.