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Power Station

May 7, 2018

As Isaac Bowers of Equal Justice Works explains, early exposure to public interest work can change the trajectory of a law student's career. That is why EJW partners with law schools, law firms and foundations to mobilize the next generation of public interest lawyers. These lawyers are making a life changing difference for homeless veterans, immigrants facing deportation and families facing foreclosure. But their ability to remain in these jobs, at less than stellar salaries, often depends on the Public Interest Debt Forgiveness Act, legislation passed with bi-partisan support in 20007. It provides a level of relief for professionals in the public interest arena.This Congress, however, has slated the Act for elimination in the 2018 Budget. EJW is leading a powerhouse coalition of organizations representing nurses, teachers, first responders and others who serve in the public interest. There's a lot to learn from Isaac and EJW and there are action steps to take too.