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Power Station

Oct 12, 2020

How can a powerful organization deepen its impact? For the National Resources Defense Council, our planet’s protector and champion of clear air and water, it starts with looking inward. At a time of national reckoning with structural inequity, NRDC is reevaluating its own practices through a lens of race, equity and justice. As Angela Manso, National Outreach Director, explains, this is challenging and vital work. Communities of color are harmed at disproportionate rates by contamination, pollution and climate change. And that is why she is forging partnerships within the most deeply impacted communities. These relationships, with groups advocating for better housing, access to health care and against environmental degradation, are key to creating a next-level environmental movement. NRDC’s president, Gina McCarthy, who led the Environmental Protection Administration under President Obama, is committed to building an explicitly anti-racist organization. Angela, also an Obama appointee, is advancing the mission by creating a place for all communities to have a voice in the environmental policy making that affects their homes, health and futures.