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Power Station

Aug 16, 2021

Over a long political life, Edward Roybal was true to a consistent theme. He fought for the material needs and civil rights of Latinos, both new immigrants and those with deep generational roots in the United States. When he was elected to Congress in 1963 he committed to making Latinos a force in the American political landscape. In 1976 Rep. Roybal founded the National Association for Latino Appointed and Elected Officials (NALEO), creating the infrastructure needed to spur community activism and support a new generation of civic leaders. This work, now led by NALEO’s esteemed CEO Arturo Vargas is more relevant than ever. At a time in which our democracy is most fragile, Latinos need to be heard and counted. And no political party should assume their allegiance because Latino voters are consequential on both sides of the aisle. NALEO is unique in the civil rights eco-system for its dedication to Latinos at all levels of public service. And Arturo Vargas is uniquely suited to lead this challenging and essential journey.