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Power Station

Mar 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our nation’s broken systems but has also revealed what works. As our president equivocates about what can be done, mayors and governors are stepping up to fill the void. They are setting up testing sites, procuring ventilators, and building hospital units. And nonprofit leaders are using their resources to keep families and communities whole. Carla Decker, President and CEO of DC Credit Union, is maintaining 2 open branches (with social distancing) to serve members. They include dislocated workers from DC’s normally booming hospitality industry, many new immigrants and multi-generational African American households who are not adequately served by mainstream financial institutions. Credit union members receive access to credit, flexible underwriting, help in sending remittances to their home countries and the support that only a staff with shared experiences cannot provide. Carla is a leader in the credit union, CDFI and cooperative movements, both locally and through her considerable national networks. Hers is the voice we are fortunate to hear now.