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Power Station

Jan 7, 2019

New America is a think tank devoted to American Renewal in a time of unprecedented social and technological change. Under the leadership of Anne-Marie Slaughter, it is actually building a new field of endeavor. Known as Public Interest Technology, this field takes a problem-solving approach to addressing issues that affect everyday people and communities. It convenes municipal leaders with public agencies and nonprofits to fix broken systems in areas including foster care, opioid abuse and criminal justice. And it pairs them with technologists, an expertise more associated with Silicon Valley than government and NGOs, to create cost-effective and transformative solutions. 

This effort is led by Cecilia Munoz, a longtime leader at the forefront of progressive change making. At the National Council of La Raza (now UnidosUS), our nation's largest Latino civil rights organization, Cecilia mobilized 300 affiliates as a voice for policy change on Capitol Hill. As Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Barack Obama, she led issue experts in developing solutions to our most pressing policy challenges. Cecilia leads Power Station through the myriad ways that Public Interest Technology is upending entrenched ideas about the process of change making and uplifting what actually works. She wants to see these solutions, and those of partners in the field, like Code for America, embedded in our best community based organizations. Redefining policy change has arrived!