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Power Station

Oct 15, 2019

How do we know, beyond our instincts, that the nonprofit programs we believe in are effective? We may perceive them to be but without evaluating them against pre-determined measures, we cannot make a case for their efficacy, replication or scaling. First, we take a step back and agree that a process is needed to design programs, ensure that stakeholder voices are represented, measurable goals are identified and the vision for success is shared. And, for these measures to be meaningful, they must be shaped through a racial equity lens. Whether the goal is reductions in teen pregnancy, increases in child literacy or access to capital, we need to start with enough humility to know that evidence-based data empowers us to test and learn from our theories.

And this is where Dr. Bahby Banks comes into the conversation. As a doctoral student, she fell in love with logic models and metrics that form the basis of program design and evaluation. Now she is a much sought-after facilitator for organizations that pursue social impact change making. In addition to her expertise, she brings a personal capacity to connect, listen and honor the stakeholders in the room. She is a proven translator of data and a negotiator for communities in using that data for a higher public purpose. There is so much to learn from Dr. Banks and given who she is at the core, it is bound to be an enjoyable journey.