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Power Station

Nov 15, 2021

When the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies was launched in 1970 its founders entered the fray with a compelling vision. They were renowned public intellectuals committed to creating a hub for newly elected Black officials shifting from civil rights activism to governance. The mission was to advance the socioeconomic status and civic engagement clout of African Americans through evidence-based research and policy recommendations. And the work was rooted in a deep understanding that public policy is never race neutral. Since then, the Joint Center, known widely as America’s Black Think Tank, has become the go-to resource for the Congressional Black Caucus and rising leaders in local communities. Now led by Spencer Overton, the Joint Center remains a model for unimpeachable data and policy solutions. This episode of Power Station features Dr. Dominique Harrison who brings tremendous expertise and energy to producing original research and collaborating across sectors about the role of big tech, access to broadband, disinformation, and targeted advertising in Black communities. The work is high-stakes, promising and essential to our democracy.