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Power Station

Sep 27, 2021

Have you ever changed your mind about a pressing social or cultural issue? As we experience life and hopefully evolve so can our perspective and politics. For organizations in the business of advancing social change, interrogating how minds change and applying that knowledge to our communications is essential. At a time of dangerously divisive politics and cultural chasms the status quo for messaging, from disinformation to baiting on social media is inadequate. For 15 years the Opportunity Agenda has been at the forefront of bringing together experts from a range of disciplines to study and act on what makes an actual narrative shift possible. They identify the tipping points that make readiness for a shift in support of the movements for racial, gender, LGBTQ, immigration and economic justice possible. Ellen Buchman, president of TOA, brings incredible heart, organizing savvy and policy proficiency to this challenging and optimistic enterprise. And TOA’s new report and podcast series, Shifting the Narrative, is a gift for all of us who want and need to learn more.