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Power Station

Mar 9, 2020

What happens when a nonprofit decides to make a shift and tackle its mission at a deeper level? That is the journey that Bread for the City, frontline service provider to Washington DC’s lowest-income residents started on 8 years ago. Since its founding in 1974, BFC has been the go-to resource for people in need of food, clothing, medical and legal assistance. It modeled how to provide high-quality services with, as BFC promises, “dignity, respect and justice.” The shift began in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin killing, which  jarred the community, including BFC’s staff. That tragedy spurred a conversation about the deep-seated impacts of structural racism in Black and Brown communities. Chief Executive Officer, George Jones began to reconsider his race neutral approach to the work. He signed himself up, with staff and community members, for an ‘Undoing Racism’ workshop, which examined how racist policies created the conditions faced by those seeking their help. This transformative experience led to the addition of community organizing and advocacy as key pillars of its work. George Jones continues the journey, with intentionality and commitment.