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Power Station

Apr 26, 2021

We think we are a youth-oriented culture but young people will point out that perception is not reality. While those under the age of 18 make up more than ¼ of the U.S. population youth are not consulted when elected officials craft legislation on issues that will determine the quality of their futures, from health care to education. And youth of color whose direct experiences with racial inequity make them uniquely positioned to generate solutions are overlooked and under-estimated. This is why Yes! For Equity is a youth-powered organization whose time has come. It provides the opportunities and tools needed for effective change making. Yes! For Equity has a new home at Partnership for Southern Equity, which is leading an equity agenda for the American South. In this episode, Yes! For Equity leaders Jasmin Benas and Cristian Campos explain how critical awareness and leadership training prepares young people to not only sit at policy making tables but to lead the discussions. And the receipts are in: Yes! For Equity youth are mobilizing, changing outdated policies and requiring public and corporate accountability. This is a conversation for your soul.