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Power Station

Jul 1, 2019

Liberation in a Generation is a new organization that takes a fresh, laser-focused and unapologetic approach to breaking down systems that oppress people of color and building an economy that raises them up. It is co-directed by Jeremie Greer and Solana Rice, whose vision for change is informed by their collective experiences as community and political organizers, researchers and policy advocates. They are reimagining how policy change at the intersection of race and economics is made and opening the door to engage new partners in the journey. It starts by working directly with local organizing networks, including PICO, Faith in Action and Center for Popular Democracy, that build power in communities of color. Jeremie and Solana are asking us to challenge the elite systems, from corporations to academia to the media, that perpetuate institutionalized racism and create a new and more just system. And they are inviting philanthropy to invest in organizations led by people of color that are at the forefront of a movement for economic and racial justice.