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Power Station

Aug 20, 2018

Jeremie Greer, VP, Policy and Research, at Prosperity Now, gets real  from the onset of our conversation at Podcast Village. Poverty cannot be overcome by personal discipline alone. It requires systemic change, which Prosperity Now, and its Network of Champions, community-based nonprofits, advocate for using research, data and on-the-ground experience. We discuss Prosperity Now's champions, including Catalyst Miami, the necessity to grapple with and address the Racial Wealth Gap, the promise of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Trump Administration's unbridled efforts to dismantle the agency. Jeremie talks about the power of the constituent voice and the responsibility of national nonprofits to mobilize and harness that voice on Capitol Hill. Jeremie invites us to register for the upcoming Prosperity Summit, which brings together over 1,000 advocates for wealth building. Learn more at