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Power Station

Apr 6, 2020

As a nation, we are learning, in real time, how to function and survive in a pandemic. We look for national leadership rooted in integrity and competence. And we are finding that, not in our president, but from governors, mayors, medical professionals and, while less recognized, nonprofit leaders. Nonprofits continue to serve communities, even in a lock-down. Housing groups are organizing online for spending bills that support lowest-income renters, homeless people and shelter providers. Nonprofit credit unions are counseling small business owners in how to sustain themselves in an economic shutdown. And Asian Americans Advancing Justice/AAJC advocates for all communities to participate in Census 2020. It is also working with a cohort of AAPI serving organizations to track a terrible upswing in violence against Asian Americans. John believe that this violence is entirely predictable given a president who has used every opportunity to identify COVID19 as the Chinese or Wuhan virus. John shares his thoughts on tracking hate, generating support through congressional resolutions, and managing an organization whose staff is working harder than ever.