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Power Station

May 29, 2018

Kris Siglin does the work. And so do the members of Housing Partnership Network, a collaboration of 100 high-performing housing developers of single and multi-family housing whose reach extends to 50 states. As Senior VP of Policy at HPN, Kris advocates, with members, for public policies that increase the scale of affordable housing solutions to low-income Americans. As a trade association, HPN values both social mission and business acumen. Members not only create resources such as an insurance and a direct buying company, they engage in peer sharing of local strategies and solutions. They also identify and advocate for policy priorities on Capitol Hill and in their communities. Pending legislation, which Kris testified about before the House Financial Services Committee, includes expansion of HUD's Family Self-Sufficiency program. This program provides escrow accounts, instead of rent increases, for families in subsidized housing whose income increases over time. Listen, learn more, and do the work.