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Power Station

May 29, 2018

Kris Siglin believes deeply in the members of Housing Partnership Network. This collaboration of 100 high-performing housing developers of single and multi-family housing extends to 50 states. As Senior VP of Policy at HPN, Kris engages members in advocating for public resources to increase the scale of affordable housing solutions for low-income Americans. As a trade association, HPN values both social mission and business acumen. Members not only contribute benefits to the field such as an insurance and a direct buying company, they share strategies that work in their region of the country. Kris recently testified before the House Financial Services Committee about the expansion of HUD's Family Self-Sufficiency program. This program provides escrow accounts, instead of rent increases, for families in subsidized housing whose income increases over time. HPN is about solutions. And we are a nation in need of them.