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Power Station

Nov 1, 2021

Here is a fact that I hope we can all agree on. American is home to a vast array of public lands, from forests to beaches, wildlife refuges and national parks that require our stewardship. These natural resources are vulnerable to devastating man-made harms, from the former president’s defilement of Bears Ears in Utah to climate change caused wildfires and flooding. The consequences of these disasters are felt disproportionately by indigenous and other communities of color. American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a champion of public lands whose internships in 50 states and Puerto Rico train young people in the technical and human skills needed to preserve these resources into the future. ACE President Laura Herrin approaches the mission, to create a culture of conservation, with intentionality and savvy. She partners with public agencies and is a trusted behind-the-scenes voice on Capitol Hill. Her action plan for keeping ACE relevant and robust led her to hire Alex Tremble as Chief Culture Officer. Alex is reimagining internal systems, from training to technology, so that ACE’s infrastructure can ensure the success of its critical mission.