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Power Station

May 24, 2021

How would you undertake the bold, ambitious and critical mission of building a path to citizenship for the over 775,000 undocumented African, Jamaican, Latinx, Haitian and Asian immigrants who raise families, bolster the workforce and create communities throughout the state of Florida? This is the charge that Maria Rodriguez, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, embraces. She is also focusing on the 1 million immigrants in Florida who are citizens as partners in change making. FLIC is where influential member organizations, from labor unions to service providers and faith-based organizations come together and leverage their considerable powers to advocate for the community. And this hub for movement building is generating big wins on the issues that matter to immigrants, from wage theft to access to DACA and the election of candidates who share the immigrant experience. FLIC is leading this movement in the state run by Governor Ron DeSantis, a striving Trump acolyte who resists progress at every turn. This is why FLIC has expanded its reach and impact by creating FLIC Votes, which is mobilizing the community, producing ballot initiatives and demonstrating that engagement counts.