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Power Station

Aug 6, 2018

When Hurricane Maria landed, it wreaked havoc on an already economically unstable Puerto Rico. Since then, nonprofit groups on the ground and on the mainland have worked tirelessly to recover homes, rebuild "resilient housing" and move Congress to enact needed policy reform, including operationalizing FEMA's Disaster Housing Assistance Program. Marion McFadden, Enterprise Community Partners, and Sarah Mickelson, National Low Income Housing Coalition, talk to Power Station about the challenge and opportunity of helping people rebuild homes and lives. An expert on disaster recovery, Marion brings years of engagement with HUD and FEMA to her push for policies that will embed best practices and accountability measures into these public-serving agencies. Sarah, with CEO Diane Yentel, advocates for policy reform with Marion and members of NLIHC's Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition, members with lived experience in disaster recovery. Stayed tuned for a Part 2!