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Power Station

Jun 7, 2021

How is legislation enacted? Do you picture Capitol Hill staffers scrambling to draft bills they have little connection to? Or back-room deal-making with corporations? That happens but more often nonprofit advocates press for legislation that will mitigate harms caused by policy making based in racism. Enacting legislation for the public good, let’s say decreasing carbon emissions and increasing access to affordable housing, impacts all sectors, nonprofit, public and business, so why not bring them together at the policy development table? That is exactly what leaders in the Impact Economy-an eco-system of nonprofits, entrepreneurs and investors driven to do good and do well-have advanced by creating The Desktop Manual, a digital guide to policy making. It supports collaboration across sectors and ensures that all sectors are invested in and accountable to the outcomes. In this episode of Power Station, John Holdsclaw and Mark Newberg break down a new paradigm for making change possible. It starts with a North Star challenge: What are you trying to do? How are you trying to do it? Why are you trying to do it? And it embeds racial equity lens in the process.