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Power Station

Sep 14, 2020

It takes more than pundits and politicians to create a more just society. Change happens when those who have been hurt the most stand up to demand justice and craft solutions. And it takes nonprofits with courage and the infrastructure needed to leverage power. This is the formula embodied by Partnership for Southern Equity, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that is building an equity agenda for the American south. As PSE’s founder and Chief Equity Officer Nathaniel Smith sees it, the path to equity is a process, the next step in the civil rights movement that took root in Atlanta through the 50s and 60s. He leads a corps of organizers, researchers and communications experts in taking on the devastating impacts of systemic racism in health, housing, climate, energy and community development. All of PSE’s work is guided by a prism of equity and shared values. It is the heart and intentionality of PSE’s approach in Atlanta that establishes them as a blueprint for the region and beyond. There is much more to come from Nathaniel Smith.