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Power Station

Oct 25, 2021

It is impossible to overstate the dominance of social media in our lives. We are tethered to Facebook, Google and Twitter to consume, communicate, track our followers and detractors, access news and interpret world events. Facebook is the behemoth among other highly unregulated tech platforms that cultivate, collect and capitalize on our personal data. We are the technology users, but it is advertisers who pay Facebook for our data making them the valued customers. Facebook’s algorithms, based on surveillance tracking, determines which media sources end up in our newsfeeds. And therein lies the danger. As Nicole Gill, co-founder and executive director of Accountability Tech says, it is harder and harder to have a conversation with neighbors, policy makers or family, because we are not using the same language or set of facts. We are in a crisis of disinformation that is highly profitable for these companies and very dangerous for democracy. Accountable Tech is demanding legislative and regulatory interventions with the capacity to mitigate social harms and increase corporate transparency. We must embrace this opportunity. Accountable Tech tells us how.