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Power Station

Jun 17, 2019

When Paty Funegra was on Power Station one year ago, she told La Cocina VA’s founding story and promised to return with an update on a new capital campaign. La Cocina VA was already training and certifying unemployed Latino immigrants as food industry professionals. The next step was to scale up the model, teach entrepreneurship, and serve a growing refugee population. La Cocina VA is now recognized as a model for workforce development both nationally and internationally. It is a disruptor in a sector and field that needed this burst of energy and innovation. Which brings us to this latest conversation about La Cocina VA. Its capitol campaign generated over $2 million for construction costs and ground has been broken for the Zero Barriers Training Center. It will include include a training center, kitchen incubator, Café, and technology center and promises to be a beacon for a immigrants, refugees, friends and neighbors. There is so much more to this conversation. Don’t miss it.