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Power Station

Aug 2, 2021

Thirty years ago, six parishes in Chicago came together with a shared mission. They resolved to do more than pray about conditions that overwhelmed local neighborhoods, from drugs and crime to a lack of jobs and housing. Each parish donated $5,000 to jumpstart a safety-focused organizing campaign. They could not have foreseen that their investment would evolve into The Resurrection Project, a powerhouse nonprofit whose template for community development is based in putting faith and values into action. While the Resurrection Project has generated over half a billion dollars into neglected neighborhoods, from affordable housing to childcare centers, homeownership and leadership training, its success is measured in the relationships it fosters. Raul Raymundo, who stepped up to lead that campaign is now CEO of the Resurrection Project and he leads with singular purpose. He learned activism from his mother and maintains a faith, not only in his church but in his fellow Mexican Americans who have enriched Chicago for decades. As Raul explains, they are a microcosm of our future. As with all immigrant communities, their resiliency, cultural and economic contributions, are assets we should embrace.