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Power Station

Apr 13, 2020

In 110 Power Station episodes, one consistent theme resonates: The ability to advance progressive change is based in intentionality. It starts with documenting inequities, analyzing who is impacted, building a constituency of impacted people, and advocating for the policies and resources required to achieve systemic change. Rebecca Sive is a change maker. She champions women’s leadership in politics, corporations and nonprofits. As she points out, no sector, including nonprofits, is immune to the sexism and racism that blocks women from executive leadership and diminishes their voices within organizational structures. Her new book, Vote Her In, is a guide to electing the first woman president and her podcast of the same name is a platform for women who have toppled glass ceilings and have lessons to share. And while Rebecca is disheartened that four highly qualified women did not rise to become our democratic candidate for President, she is not defeated. She believes the movement for a woman president is growing. And she is seizing every opportunity to challenge structural sexism and racism to elect more women to all levels of political office. Her message to us all: Stand up and be counted. In this collective endeavor, intentionality is everything.