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Power Station

Jul 23, 2018

Rob Randhava is Senior Counsel to the Leadership Conference, the nation's leading civil and human rights organization, now led by CEO Vanita Gupta. LCCHR brings together our nation's leading organizational voices on education, housing, labor and immigration and advocates for public and private sector policies that create more equitable conditions in low-income and communities of color. LCCHR played a particularly important role in the development and passage of the Dodd-Frank law, which generated the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now under assault by the Trump administration and Congress, CFPB has been a skilled and proactive enforcer of the financial industry. Rob brings his legal expertise on a broad range of civil rights issues to nonprofit coalition advocates and to staff and members of Congress. His policy engagement includes analysis and proposed action on Supreme Court nominees. Somehow, Rob remains resilient, funny and a force to be reckoned with.