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Power Station

Sep 10, 2018

Ron Hantz is back! Our first Power Station guest returns with updates about the Network for Developing Conscious Communities, and the role of intentionality in community development. Ron reports back on an NDCC Conference, held last May in Baltimore, that was rooted in the idea that community development requires not just bricks and mortar and access to capital. It requires intentionality by nonprofits and their leaders. Why are particular investments being made? Have community members been engaged in identifying the changes they want to see? Do their plans reflect the values and vision of the neighborhood? As community development practitioners, are we open to the thinking of others and self-aware about our own challenges? Ron talks about his travels to New Jersey, Alabama and Indiana to meet with young leaders who are poised to lead change in their communities. They are building eco-systems and scaling up. Always positive, Ron believes that we can and should elevate our work in local communities.