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Power Station

Mar 2, 2020

What makes an advocacy organization exceptional? It starts with a vision for tackling inequity that centers constituents in advocating for themselves. In the case of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, it is also dedication to social policy that ensures decent housing for our nation’s lowest-income renters. These are residents of public and subsidized housing - families with children, seniors, the disabled and low-wage workers - who are often one step away from homelessness. The Coalition achieves its mission through an integrated set of strategies: communications, organizing, and data-driven advocacy. As Sarah Saadian, VP of Public Policy, explains, the Coalition is laser focused on building congressional support for federal housing appropriations with residents engaged in the advocacy. The current proposed 15% funding cut to federal housing programs by the President, if implemented, would certainly lead to increased homelessness. And the same can be said for rollbacks proposed by HUD Secretary Ben Carson, whose lack of understanding of his own agency’s mission is alarming. Sarah walks us through the Coalition’s proven approach to advocacy, a difficult road leading to consistent and significant wins.