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Power Station

Jun 1, 2020

Our democracy is imploding and that is not hyperbole. Across the nation, communities are protesting the murder of an African American man by a White police officer who carried out this execution under the watchful eyes of devastated onlookers, including a young woman who captured the images on her phone. And the pandemic that is ravaging communities of color is by no means over. How can ambitious champions of change be effective in these times? The best social change nonprofits are advocating for Congress to invest in communities that have been under resourced, segregated and marginalized for generations. That is how the National Low-Income Housing Coalition approaches their mission of increasing access to decent and affordable housing for lowest income people. In this episode of Power Station, Sarah Saadian tells us how NLIHC mobilizes a diverse constituency of public housing residents and authorities, local housing and homeless serving groups, municipal and national leaders, to secure resources now, through the latest CARES Act legislation. This is literally life-saving work made possible by a laser focused approach and a demonstrated commitment to equity.