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Power Station

Jul 29, 2019

Have you ever wished that a public agency official understood the problem you are trying to solve as a nonprofit leader? Tameka Montgomery, appointed by President Obama as Associate Administrator to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Entrepreneurial Development, understands. She came to the position after creating a business incubator in Denver and leading its award-winning Small Business Center. During her tenure, she launched the Main Street Mentor Walk, a 5k that swapped out running for walking and matched new entries into the business sector with experienced business leaders. And she started the first Latino Small Business Summit to provide entrepreneurs with culturally specific resources and guidance. While at the SBA, Tameka elevated training and technical assistance resources for formerly incarcerated people seeking jobs. She founded Core Strategy Partners to help those working at the intersection of business value and social impact. And she hosts a wonderful podcast, Raising Entrepreneurs, that helps parents to foster entrepreneurship in their children. Did I mention that she is also the mother of 3 boys, 9, 11 and 13? You can hear them all here.