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Power Station

Dec 26, 2022

How do you look back on 2022? It’s been a year in which political, digital, and sometimes physical assaults on the civil and human rights of Americans by their fellow citizens have become commonplace. From book banning and public demonization of LGBTQ youth to partisan campaigns to undo voting rights in Black and Brown communities to criminalizing homelessness and protecting assault weapons over people, extremism has taken hold as a feature of American life. In this episode of Power Station, CDFI maven, community builder and friend John Holdsclaw joins me in exploring how savvy and strategic nonprofits organize, influence policy making and solve seemingly intractable problems in embattled communities. We dig into the principles that position nonprofits to generate bold transformational social change in the face of anti-democratic forces. Requiring accountability from the media and political leaders, creating community ownership, and flexing organizational advocacy muscles to build community power are hallmarks of my amazing roster of guests in 2022. The way forward requires exceptional leaders like John. As President and CEO of Rochdale Capitol, a newly created CDFI Fund, he is re-envisioning what it means to believe and invest in community.