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Power Station

May 15, 2023

Elyssa Feder remembers the moment she became an organizer. She was watching a debate on C-Span about the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood and government officials were spouting lies to bolster their positions. She realized that their power shielded them from consequences and that she was not satisfied being a young woman in a food court who knew better. She honed her organizing capacities in political and issue-specific campaigns and learned that having better facts, and she strongly believes that facts matter, does not guarantee a win. Winning requires an engaged citizenry, people power bolstered by community-based nonprofits with expertise and relationships. Knowing this, Elyssa set about to solve for a real and pressing problem, the huge gap in the organizing infrastructure needed to strengthen our fragile democracy. She launched Rising Organizers to train those who want to get involved with organizing skills and strategies. Young people are completing their training and taking root as change makers in organizations and communities. Funders now have an opportunity to support Elyssa’s vision and build the future we all want to see.