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Power Station

Jun 13, 2022

Once you experience Eric Ward, a shift in your thinking and your soul is inevitable. An expert on authoritarian movements with deep roots in the United States, Eric argues that we have the power to counter them by building the most inclusive multi-racial democracy possible. As executive director of Western States Center he is pragmatic, providing training and tools for parents whose children are targeted by hate groups, preparing community organizations to operate in hostile environments and standing with local governments on the front lines of defending democracy. And he is visionary, convening culture-shifting artists and supporting legislators in working across the partisan divide to expel colleagues who participate in hate crimes. On this episode of Power Station, Eric explains how antisemitism became the driving conspiratorial narrative for white supremacist groups. This narrative is used to undercut the transformative achievements of the civil rights movement, which defeated a system of white supremacy, by classifying African American leaders and communities as pawns of the Jews. It is foundational to replacement theory, a fear-based notion that is animating social media, Fox News, and members of Congress. The antidote to this threat is the truth and our collective action.