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Power Station

Sep 26, 2022

The shockwave that rocked this nation after the Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision, holding that the U.S. Constitution does not confer the right to an abortion, continues to reverberate across the nation. An ensuing onslaught of bills passed in state legislatures has restricted or banned abortions in many states. The implications are particularly devastating in marginalized communities where women’s sole access to health care is through visits to a gynecologist. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice champions equitable access to health care and bodily autonomy for Latinas. As executive director Lupe Rodriguez explains, Latinas face many barriers to care, from being on the lowest rung of our nation’s wage gap to being overrepresented in jobs lacking health insurance or paid leave. Despite these disparities, a conversation with Lupe is inspiring. She explains how the Poderosa program teaches organizing, skills women use as advocates in state legislatures and on Capitol Hill and in all areas of their lives. The Latina Institute is also a committed partner to other movement building organizations whose central issues may differ but whose communities are connected. This is transformation in action.