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Power Station

Mar 20, 2023


Are you, your nonprofit, and the community you serve being seen and heard? What if you could communicate the story of your nonprofit, the inequitable conditions you tackle, the public policies you advocate and your solutions for uplifting people and communities? In this episode of Power Station, I am joined by Oscar Zeballos, CEO of Podville Media, a fellow podcasting evangelizer whose partnership with co-founder Charlie Birney provides a dynamic stage for diverse voices, from ESPN to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights to the White House Historical Association. Just before recording I participated on a panel session moderated by Oscar as part of Solutions for Housing Communications, a National Housing Conference event. Oscar conveyed the myriad ways that content generated by our audience of communications professionals can influence decision makers across an evolving media landscape. We carried our passion for purposeful communications into Podville Media’s Studio C where I pressed nonprofit and foundation executives to support podcasting and other creative messaging tools. Oscar gave a glimpse into new technology that uncovers where podcasts are making an impact. What is the story you want to tell?