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Power Station

Jan 16, 2023

As a child born at the end of the 1960s, inspired by The Jetsons, Keith Jones dreamed of becoming an aeronautical engineer and taking vacations on the moon. He was part of the first generation to come up after the most powerful mass movement in American history led to passage of Civil Rights Acts prohibiting discrimination in voting, housing, education, and employment based on race, disability, religion, sex, and family status. Keith grew up as a Black child with cerebral palsy in St. Louis, Missouri, where children with disabilities were segregated into a single school and telethons were the cultural norm. Being Black and disabled in America has informed his powerful voice, creativity and impact. His critique of nonprofits that fail to center people with disabilities as decision makers and foundations that requires supplication is a clarion call to the social justice movement. At his organization, SoulTouchin’ Experiences he demonstrates how to advocate for systemic change with inclusion and a recognition of everyone’s humanity. At Krip Hop Nation, with friend and creative partner Leroy Moore Jr. he is building schools for disabled children internationally and producing Emmy winning music. Keith IS changemaking in action.