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Power Station

Jan 24, 2022


When Zakiyah Johnson learned there was a summer social media internship at the Community Enrichment Project, she poured her heart into her application and made the position her first choice. She says she is a different person now because of the experience, not only because CEP gives young people a seat at the table where vital issues are discussed, from civic engagement to racial justice and police violence, but because their ideas are heard and acted on. Now in college, Zakiyah uses her talents in filmmaking and social media to advocate for her community, Washington DC’s Ward 7 and 8 youth. And when COVID19 made in-person convenings impossible, CEP pivoted,  hosting International Youth Dialogues, which connected young activists around the world to address United Nations sustainable development goals. All of this was made possible by Lauren Grimes, a true visionary who founded the CEP to celebrate a culturally rich, historically relevant but politically disenfranchised part of our nation’s capital. CEP’s podcast, Youth Voices Amplified is a stunning example of what can happen when young people lead courageous conversations at a time of both turmoil and possibility.