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Power Station

Jan 27, 2020

It took a century long struggle for American women to “win” the right to vote in 1920. And win does not accurately reflect a struggle in which women were jailed and beaten in pursuit of that right. This victory led suffragist Carrie Chapman Cott to establish the League of Women Voters (LWV), a non-partisan champion of voting rights. Now, LWV is convening national conversations about issues from the census to voting to the environment and immigration. And LWV is vigilant about local threats to voting access and rights. It works to prevent gerrymandering, the intentional dilution of political power by one party over another and by majorities over minorities. The LWV is making the structural changes needed to remain powerful and relevant into the future. It is retooling itself into a more inclusive and diverse organization and Alma Couverthie, the new National Organizing Director, is an important part of its evolution. A longtime community organizer, Alma is opening doors to new participants while honoring the contributions of veteran members. When you hear her, you will want to head to and get involved. With LWV’s 100 Anniversary just around the corner, the time is now!