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Power Station

Oct 4, 2021

In recent years disinformation has become the currency of political forces seeking power over truth. But as we know, facts and data matter. They reveal a true picture of the state of our nation, from which communities are prospering to those that are struggling. They are foundational to identifying the state of healthcare, education, transportation and housing and where disparities in access lies. At the Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, 15 super-smart professionals dig into bills proposed by Virginia’s State Assembly, analyzing their implications for diverse communities, particularly those who have been marginalized and underserved by racially discriminatory policy making. As CEO Ashley Kenneth explains, TCI Fiscal partners with a talented eco-system of advocacy and service organizations to generate solutions where they are needed most. Their formula, combining facts and analysis with civic engagement and advocacy is remarkably effective. TCI Fiscal is ahead of the federal policymaking curve in many areas, from curbing down payment requirements for fees and fines in the Court system, to increasing the minimum wage. This is how transformational change is made. And Ashley and TCI Fiscal are just getting started.