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Power Station

Nov 23, 2020

Mile High Connects is a nonprofit collaborative that is leading a movement for transit equity in the Denver Metro region. Sounds pretty straightforward and non-controversial, right? Of course, it isn’t. As data shows, public transit is crucial for connecting working people to jobs and schools, the building blocks for economic opportunity. The challenge in building or expanding a system is in setting priorities. Is it an amenity for high-income residents going to downtown offices or a component of economic recovery, particularly for low-income, Black and Brown residents whose jobs and homes are less accessible? With Deya Zavalas at the helm, Mile High Connects is building the table at which community residents, organizing groups, public agencies and community foundations are coming together to advocate for a more inclusive system. And they are tackling more than transit. Their proposals include policy solutions for the region’s inter-related and highly stressed housing and health systems. Nonprofits are where expertise and the public good co-exist. And Mile High Connects leverages its collective powers to achieve a more equitable future.