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Power Station

Nov 9, 2020

Our high-stakes national election is (almost) over and it is time to breathe and celebrate. For community-based nonprofits, which took root long before this election cycle and are base builders no matter who is in office, this is a moment for reflection. It requires taking stock of how differently our divided nation perceives the state of our union. It also validates their commitment to creating a shared vision for the future. This is the work of Doran Schrantz, executive director of ISAIAH, a multi-racial, state-wide, nonpartisan coalition of congregations and people of faith in Minnesota. Its vision is carried out by its stakeholders, from the Barbershops and Black Congregations Cooperative to Latinx and Muslim faith-based coalitions. And the vision is furthered by Faith in Minnesota, a 501(c)4, which expands ISAIAH’s (501(c)3) vision into the state electoral arena. Collectively, they have created the Greater Than Fear Campaign, to push forward, through messaging and narrative building, a movement centered in people whose voices are often overlooked. It is gaining momentum and is antidote to the noise and division of our time.