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Power Station

Sep 24, 2018

The Congressional Black Caucus, known as the conscience of Congress, has been an unabashed advocate for communities of color since its founding in 1971. As executive director of the CBC, Fabrice Coles serves 48 members, including the Chairman, Cedric Richmond, Congressman from Louisiana's 2nd District. His work informs the CBC's on-the-record responses to the issues of the day, including the current Supreme Court nominations process, and the issuance of new and forward looking legislation. Witness the Jobs and Justice Act of 2018, which proposes reforms to and investment in criminal justice, community development, affordable housing and education. The Act reflects the CBC's commitment to working with prized external nonprofit partners, including the National Urban League. In addition to his legal and Capitol Hill expertise, Fabrice has the heart and soul of an organizer. He makes the case for nonprofits to use the power of their station, starting at the local District Office level, where visits have the potential to inform, engage and influence policy makers.