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Power Station

Mar 8, 2021

A sea change is underway in the nonprofit sector and it is long past due. For decades, white-led organizations have been privileged by levels of funding and political access denied to nonprofits led by people of color. This is not news. But in environmental organizations, those brand name groups have become synonymous with preservation, conservation and climate change. Far less visible are the Latinos laboring within these organizations and those leading groups at the local level to take on persistent and urgent challenges, from a lack of access to clean water to industrial pollutants flooding their communities. This reality led Mark Magaña to found GreenLatinos, a national nonprofit that convenes Latino leaders working to preserve land and conserve natural resources. As an expert in federal policy making whose experience includes senior positions in congressional leadership and the Clinton White House, Mark has created a platform for Latinos, whose own families have been ancestral stewards of the land, to reimagine a more just environmental movement. GreenLatinos is a study in building power and equity and Mark is the values-driven leader making it happen.