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Power Station

Nov 12, 2019

We all want to be heard and understood, a fair expectation. But being heard takes more than engaging an attentive listener. It requires purpose, knowing what we want to say and how to express ourselves. We must know how to adapt communication styles, from a private conversation to a conference room to social media. It can be humbling, frustrating and even costly when we fail. Tia Blount brings her passion for communication to nonprofits where the mission is vital and the stakes for persuasion are high. A mission statement alone will not persuade women in Tanzania to participate in health trials whose benefits will accrue to the generation after their own. An affordable housing group in Washington, DC, cannot inspire the communities they serve by using real estate jargon. Tia's work addresses the gap between organizational intention and what it takes to make an impact. It turns out that Tia's childhood passion for writing was the beginning of a lifelong journey to bring the power of communication to us all.